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World-Trade-Centre-ruins-007I was thinking yesterday about relationships and structural damage.  Yes…it’s what I do.  Sometimes my mind wanders.  Anyway, it seems that after a catastrophic collapse in a relationship there needs to be a certain amount of clearing away of the old wreckage.  We need to take the time (as much as is needed, which should vary from person to person) and clear the wreckage.  Does this mean we sit with a glass of wine and cry as we burn the photos of our ex? maybe….if that’s your thing.  Does it mean giving away your old wardrobe and reinventing a new, hipper you?  possibly.  Bottom line is often times we don’t take the time to clear the wreckage and we start a new relationship on the damaged foundation of the old.  This can only lead to a weak, unstable building relationship.  We should do the same thing as they do when a building is damaged to a great extent.  We should clear the wreckage, core out the structure and set a new foundation.  Does this mean that we should forget the hurts of the past? No.  Should we forget the past transgressions of certain people that did us wrong? not necessarily.

southpoolAs with memorials, rebuilding doesn’t mean forgetting.  It simply means we are not going to be broken.  We are not going to be defeated.  We will dust ourselves off and begin again.





It is said that those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  We should not repeat our pasts but learn from it and become stronger.  We should love again.  However, I feel that in order to truly love again we need to clear the wreckage of our past relationships and start with a fresh foundation.

Let’s begin anew.


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