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Bankruptcy is Morally and Biblically OK!

A lot of times I have potential clients that come in to my office with heads hung low griping and grousing about how they just can’t make it anymore. They extoll “I borrowed the money but after I… lost my

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You get what you pay for…

I was doing some work in the office and I found an old intake sheet from a potential client for a bankruptcy.  I decided to look up to see if that client had found another attorney.  A little background on

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Reality Fix

I recently read an article in Money magazine’s August issue called The Financial Fix.  The premise “These late-in-life parents want to retire at the same time they’ll be paying three college tuition bills. Can they do it?”  I was a

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You are not alone…

I was doing some research for the free bankruptcy Q & A and came across some interesting items.  One of my pet peeves, I guess you can call it that, is the stigma associated with bankruptcy that the credit companies

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Giving back…

With the financial crisis going on and the education budget cuts looming over us I’ve been working on giving back to the consumer.  My pastor, Brett Stair of The Church at Sendera Ranch has been gracious enough to allow me

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In the beginning…

We live in a fallen world where life isn’t always easy.  In fact, sometimes, it’s downright horrible.  Divorce.  Crime.  Financial Problems.  Civil Suits.  Death. Divorce rates vary but statistically hover between 40-50% of all first marriages.  Additional statistics push secondary

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