In the beginning…

We live in a fallen world where life isn’t always easy.  In fact, sometimes, it’s downright horrible.  Divorce.  Crime.  Financial Problems.  Civil Suits.  Death.

Divorce rates vary but statistically hover between 40-50% of all first marriages.  Additional statistics push secondary marriage divorces as high as 60%.

In 2004, more than 1.5 million bankruptcy cases were filed, according to the U.S. Courts Bankruptcy Statistics.

Fortunately, we are not alone.  We have the strength of GOD, our Father.  We also have the body of Christ in each other.  As the body of Christ, I believe we have a duty to build, support and help one another.

Legal professionals are often called to act as mediators, counselors and advisors when life goes awry.  A little preparation, however, can go a long way to preventing a difficult situation from becoming devastating.  Whether you are reacting to a current crisis or planning for a future uncertain, KNOWLEDGE is key.

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