Been there….Done that

Hollywood has missed the mark.  I hate remakes.  To me, remaking a movie, screams “lack of originality”.  I know I know.  Maybe you can make it better or place your ‘stamp’ on it.  Bottom line is, it is still a remake.  A copy.  A been there…done that kind of deal.  Today I read an article about Kate Beckinsale in a remake of ‘Total Recall’.  It was actually an article about how her stunt double looks just like her.  Go figure.  Anyway, it mentioned it was for a remake of ‘Total Recall’.  I like Kate Beckinsale as much as the next guy.  She is fairly hot.  But enough is enough.  Please, Hollywood, for the love of the ’80s stop remaking movies.  So far I have heard that there is a remake of War Games in the works.  Shall we play a game?  Yea, it was cool the first time because we were in that, new age of computers thing where we could be duped into thinking that could happen with computers.  What young computer enthusiast, didn’t run out and try to find a war-dialer so they could randomly call computers?  Or Red Dawn?  Wow.  Everytime we went camping after that someone would run through the woods yelling ‘Wolverines!’  Now they aim to remake that as well.  Sigh.  Maybe it’s about nostalgia.  Maybe they think that those of us that grew up in the 80’s will rush with our kids in tow to watch a remake of a movie we were enthralled by.  I doubt it.  I for one see that it is a remake and I check the ‘will wait for DVD box’.  Has the well of originality finally gone dry in Hollywood?  I saw a statistic that said that every year 300,000 scripts are submitted to movie companies.  And we get remakes of War Games, Total Recall, and Red Dawn to name a few? Sigh. (did I say that already?)  There are great movies out there to be seen…to be made…  Let’s get to it.


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