Choice is one of the greatest gifts GOD has given us.  Choice is often times the reason GOD is blamed for events beyond our control.  But ultimately it’s not GOD that directs these events against us.  It is the consequences of someone elses choices that we are dealing with.  At the time of creation GOD created Adam and Eve.  He gave them the most important gift of all.  The gift of choice.  The choice was exploited by the adversary and it resulted in a great fall of mankind.  This great fall again resulted in one of the most important choices a person can make.  To accept the savior, Jesus Christ, or not.  It is said that GOD never casts a person into hell.  They willing walk, through choice.  They choose to live a life without the creator.  Given all the options and all the information they turn from Jesus and willingly walk into the embrace of the void.  An eternity of separation from the creator.

  • Violence – in the instance of violence the offender often times makes the choice to commit the violent act.  It’s not GOD directing the offender to attack or hurt someone.  The offender is allowed the choice to harm or not harm.  The victim also has the choice to allow the offense to change them either for the good or for the bad.
  • Nature – sometimes people cry out to GOD when a natural disaster wipes out an entire town or city.  However, the choice was made to live in that area.  Some people choose to live in flood zones or tornado alley.  Do we blame the hurricane when we live on the coast or do we blame GOD for not diverting it from our homes?

Bad things happen.  Good things happen.  Why is it we blame GOD for the bad things but have such a hard time giving glory for the good things?  Why is it that we cry out to GOD during our pain but not during our joy?  Perhaps again we are making the choice on where our focus lies.  Maybe we should strive to give glory to GOD for our pain because it tests our mettle.  Surviving the pain makes us stronger and more compassionate towards others that are going through similar circumstance.  It allows each and every one of us that has suffered some loss or some indignity to minister to others where no other opportunity may have existed before.  Weep your tears.  Cry out to GOD.  And when you are finished…make the choice to use your pain for the benefit of others and you will begin to see that the CHOICE has always been yours.


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