Egypt & Libya

I usually don’t get mainstream or political but correct me if I’m wrong.  I think we could just scale back the scope of things and view everything from a small town neighborhood perspective.  So, on 9/11 Muslims “protesting” attacked US Embassies and killed 4 Americans.  They attacked embassies in Egypt and Libya.  I read an article that said the protests were because an Israeli film-maker made an anti-islam film and talked smack about Mohammed.  This may or may not be true.  It seems convenient that it happened on 9/11.  Looks more like an attack calculated on the day of the previous attacks as a violent remembrance…a sort of candle light vigil with rocket propelled grenades.  Either way here is my issue:

Say you had a neighbor.  This neighbor was difficult to deal with and at times confrontational.  This neighbor has never really been the “ideal” neighbor and sometimes you wonder why you have any dealings with them at all.  This neighbor lives in part of the neighborhood that you would like to have more “friends” in so you tolerate their outbursts.  Ok.  So you decide you need to store some stuff at this neighbors house.  They let you put it in their garage and offer to take care of it. 
Thieves break in and trash your neighbors house.  You offer to help clean it up. 
The following week the Cowboys lose (or any pro, college or whatever team) and this neighbor goes into the garage, takes a baseball bat and smashes your stuff.  Then the neighbor calls you and tells you that you suck, you are evil and they never wanted your help in the first place.
Is that too simple?  Am I getting this wrong? Oh wait…that’s right…there is probably something in there about oil reserves or stuff like that but come on people…4 dead.


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