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There is more to stop and smell the roses than we think. Ever wonder how life was before technology. It is said that animals possess a kind of inner sense of the world. A sixth sense if you will. Stories

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Relational Parasitism

Recent events in my life have caused me to reflect on relationships. More specifically, on MY relationships. I’m not speaking of marriage, boyfriend/girlfriend or even friendships per se but on relationships as a whole. I woke up this morning to

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our TALENT is a gift from GOD not to be wasted

One of my favorite parables from the bible is the Parable of the Talents from Matthew 25:14-30. Originally, at first glance, I thought the parable was about money. Essentially talents were a unit of financial measurement in biblical times. However,

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Bankruptcy is Morally and Biblically OK!

A lot of times I have potential clients that come in to my office with heads hung low griping and grousing about how they just can’t make it anymore. They extoll “I borrowed the money but after I… lost my

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Choice is one of the greatest gifts GOD has given us.  Choice is often times the reason GOD is blamed for events beyond our control.  But ultimately it’s not GOD that directs these events against us.  It is the consequences

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10 Reasons to Buy a Book

So as I sat staring at my blinking little cursor it suddenly dawned on me that with the advent of ebooks there were some very compelling reasons to purchase physical books.  Of course, mind you, this is not that list. 

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Sequester – flash fiction story

“How long has it been,” the old man whispered. He heard a slight stirring from somewhere across the room.  The wool blankets on the cot shifted and pitched. “How long has it been,” the old man muttered louder. “What?” the

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A dog walks into a bar…

And swaggers up to the bartender. “Arf arf arf”. The bartender says “I’m sorry sir, I don’t speak dog.” “Oh dear me,” the dog replies.  “Meow meow meow”. Yea, I didn’t get it either when my cat told me the

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The adversary…

This is how I imagine the life of a Christian is.  Of course the dragon would be replaced with a serpent but you get the drift.  The serpent, devil, satan, evil one…whatever you want to label it, is lying in

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In Honor of HUMP DAY!

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