There is more to stop and smell the roses than we think. Ever wonder how life was before technology. It is said that animals possess a kind of inner sense of the world. A sixth sense if you will. Stories of dogs getting freaky right before an earthquake. I’ve noticed that a few days before a storm the birds will congregate on the wires. Do they know a storm is coming and if so how? GOD is magnificent in his design. The birds come together to weather the storm as a group for protection then part to resume their lives. We could learn something by allowing ourselves to come together to weather our own storms. However, I think our lives have become so dependent on technology that we have lost the gifts GOD has granted us. We have lost that inner connection to the natural world…and because of that disconnect we feel lost and alone. Well it is still there. Turn off the computer. Turn off the cell phones. Step outside and smell the roses. Watch the birds. Listen to the natural rhythm of the world around you. -E-


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