Choose your words wisely, Wordsmith…

The Pen is My Sword
The Desk is My Horse
Onward I Race into
The Battle of Words

As a wordsmith (author/writer) words mean something to me. Not only are they a way to express ideas but also a way to convey feelings. I’ve heard the saying “Actions speak louder than words” but to me I think words cut deeper. A slap to the face may sting but I think a cutting remark or a cross word has the potential to last a lifetime. I believe wholeheartedly in the saying “the pen is mightier than the sword”. Governments have been toppled on words alone…

How many of us remember the multiple spankings we received as a child? Do we remember each individual spanking? Probably not. But do we remember the time our mother told us she wished we were never born? Do we remember the moment our father told us he was disappointed in us? Told us that we were not good enough to make the football team? In everyone’s life there is probably a time that they can remember where someone’s words burned them to the very core.

We as a society need to stop handing out abuse in the form of words and need to start taking a moment to think before we speak or write. A pause in the action to avoid a lifetime of pain. Count to three…walk away…do something other than launching that volley of arrows that will forever scar a person.

There is forgiveness and there is forgetting. One is infinitely easier than the other. I find it easy to forgive. However, in the down time…in the darkness just before sleep I can hear the words reverberating in my mind. The damaging tones. The stinging barbed colloquy. The conversation replays over and over in my mind. What did they mean? Why did they say that? I should have said this… I should have explained better…Was what they said true? Am I really like that? Do I act that way?

It begins the seeds of doubt which begin to thrive, grow and choke out our self worth. We refer to our society as cultured. We refer to other countries as third-world countries. But are we really so enlightened or are we just in denial.

Maybe it is time we took a long hard look at the mirror…


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