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As GOD was telling me the story behind my first novel my eyes began to open.  I suddenly realized that demons are real.  A real pain in the ass.  Whether you choose to believe they are influencers or that they are directly disturbing your life the bottom line is that they are real.  Jesus banished some from the wild man into pigs.  They are there whether you choose to believe or not.  Can they win?  No.  Jesus wiped out all your sins and mine.  You just have to accept that fact.  So what is their goal?  To destroy your joy.  The joy you feel every day.  Their purpose is to rob you of that and to prevent you from sharing the gospel of Christ with others.  The bible states that 1.3 of the heavenly host were cast down.  Cast down to EARTH.  They were not cast down to the lake of fire.  Or to Hell.  But to EARTH.  So, that having been said, you are currently working, living and loving with 1/3 of the cast down angels.  Are they happy about it? ummm… no.  If you reflect the glory of Christ.  If you are clothed in Christ.  Do you think that they would be happy to deal with you every day? ummm… No.  So here is the deal.  Acknowledge that they are there and that their sole purpose is to rob you of your joy and then don’t let them.  When you start to feel that anger well up in you about your screwed up fast food order? rebuke them.  When you feel your rage building as you drive in traffic? rebuke them.  Don’t let them rob you of your joy.  Be sure of yourself.  Be confident in the Lord.  Let your LIGHT SHINE!



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  1. Shannon says:


    Great performance! Sorry I did not stop by to say hi. My son is a bit shy but we LOVED the performance. I almost cried when Tarzan was telling his Gorilla mom goodbye.

    I distinctly remember sitting at the kitchen table at John Hamil’s house around 25 years ago discussing our Almighty creator with you after your sister had recently graduated to heaven.

    It’s appears the Spirit called/nudged/tugged at your intermost being, you accepted and have encountered the real living Lord in a very real, personal and life changing way.

    I have never responded to a blog before and am not on any form of social media but I saw your website in the program tonight and have enjoyed reading your blog sections regarding your spiritual experiences and journey. My mind “wanders” too and the more I study God’s Word and the more I know, the more I realize I don’t know.

    However, I do have thoughts (hard to believe I know) on almost all your “life” posts. Regarding demons –

    Love your Ephesians quote – one of my favorites. As Christ followers we don’t perceive ourselves as being in battle in this spiritual realm. The devil and the fallen angels ( demons) are real as you state. The devil influences us via temptations and anything that distracts us from living a holy life. An important note I believe is that we need to be reminded here that Paul is talking to believers. One cannot put on the armor until one is obedient to the Spirit of God. Which is a struggle – being spirit led in all our thoughts, actions, and deeds as opposed to being led by our flesh can be quite difficult. If we are born again we have the Spirit of God in us. Now we can put on the full spiritual armor to face the world and we need it … all the time.

    But back on demons – I think I have ADD 🙂 – they exist, they believe in God, and I believe you correctly stated that if we are not steadfast and firm in our faith they will rob us of our joy and peace that we have through Christ. It’s funny when I don’t feel the devil on my back I know that I am not doing the work I should be doing to further God’s kingdom. As a result the devil just leaves me alone. I am no threat to him. Please don’t misunderstand me though I do not want to give the devil too much credit. He has been defeated. I will not address him. Nor do I want to talk too much about the devil and his demons in a way that they would be entertained. However the Bible does warn us to be aware of the devil’s schemes and he uses various things to destroy a believers assurance of salvation with his weapons of doubt and discouragement. But through the spiritual armor we can be victorious not only by transitioning from this short time we have on this present earth but in our day to day living while we are here.

    As you state, both the Old Testament and New Testament affirm the reality and existence of Satan. I read that every New Testament writer and 19 the books in the New Testament make reference to him – even Christ himself makes reference to Satan 25 times. Satan also exhibits attributes of personality like intellect in that he is crafty and deception in that he can plan a course of action to deceive people and in emotion as seen in his desire to exalt himself over God in heaven.

    About demons I’m a little bit confused regarding your comment that they’re here on earth. I understand that they are allowed to roam the earth. But it seems to me that scripture indicates there are two groups of fallen angels. One group of demons that are free and active in the world and other ones that are bound in Tartarus and another set confined to a Pit.

    Bottom line – know Truth, strive to be like Christ, be at peace with God, have faith to trust and obey, be confident in our salvation, know the Spirit is stronger than Satan’s attacks!!

    Ok – well there’s my kitchen table theology 101.

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