Relationships are like cars…

This morning I woke up and started thinking that relationships reminded me a lot of car loans.  We walk around and we shop for a car relationship.  We have in our mind what we are looking for.  A sports car.  A min-van.  An SUV.  We walk around deciding what we want at this time of our lives and what we “need”.  When we finally determine what it is that we “need” or “want” in a vehicle relationship we hit the dealership bar, church, or online dating.  Sometimes friends tell us they have a friend that has a car  person we might like.  We negotiate at the dealership and we decide this one is for us.  THIS ONE is for US.  Sometimes we test drive the car first to see if it actually fits our personality or our desires.  Sometimes we just buy love at first sight.  We go home and we are proud of the purchase.

Sometimes because of our poor credit dating/self esteem history we get one with too much damage.  Or, GOD forbid…we didn’t check the relationshipmax report and we got one with prior damage.  We try to exchange it but often times its too late.  We are stuck dealing with the damage.  Which, technically, is not always a bad thing.  I’ve had relationships that after some repair work have born fruit.

So after several years of driving the same one we encounter some difficulties.  We decide that we want a different color.  A newer model.  This one has too many problems.  We start thinking about trading in.  However, our loan exceeds our relationship value and there is negative equity.  Some people are ok with that.  They trade in.  Often times they think they are trading up but in reality, they realize after a few years, they were only trading one for another.  Unfortunately though, they have now rolled their negative equity onto the next loan relationship.

I think that people should live up to their contracts commitments.  That they should look deep inside prior to the trade-in to determine if the relationship is really at fault or if it is a discontentment in oneself or if the relationship is really bad.  Think about why you loved that car person in the first place.  Think about how you know it inside and out.  You know how it is slow to start in the morning but then gets cranking as the day goes.  How the door sticks but the inside smells sweet and inviting.  Before you trade-in think about the good times you had.  The future that there might be with a little repair and maintenance.

Most vehicles relationships can go a long way but only if the owners follow the maintenance schedule.

Take care of relationship.



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